Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Design Realisation: Scarves

These are my printed floral designs on scarves. If only I had time to do more...

Design Realisation: Dresses

Hand made dresses! These are dress samples I made up from my fabric prints and dyed pieces of fabric, with added applique embelishment and screen printed foil. These was my first attempt at making dress shapes, which I am very pleased with.

Purple Haze

More edited porfolio designs and design development.

Delicate Pales

Developed and edited portfolio designs.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I combined my dyed fabrics and digital prints to form suggestions of dress shapes on the mannequin. This helped to visualise them for fashion, helping to guide me with the scale of the prints and it allowed me to see how they might work as simple dress shapes.

Trend Research. Fashion

Kenzo Autumn/Winter 2010
Dolce and Gabbana, Spring/Summer 2010

Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2009

Kenzo Spring /Summer 2009

Erdem, Spring/Summer 2009

Erdem Resort collection 2009

These are some of the fashion designers that have inspired me throughout my project.

Early Digital Designs and Prints

Here are examples of some of my early digital designs, where I took my hand painted flowers and drawings, combined them making compositions, then put them in to simple repeats. These then were digitally printed (seen above at the top) on to silks; habotai and organza, as these fabrics complimented and captured the beauty of the floral designs. They are intended to be aimed at the ladies fashion market and could be suited to both commercial and high end industries.

Colour Palette

I began colour development early on through testing mixing up direct dyes in the dye lab from selected dulux colour cards. These gave me a working colour palette to refer to throughout. They later became useful and gave me awareness when working with colours on my designs on Photoshop for digital print. They also enabled me to overdye and re-mix suitable colurs for fabrics to compliment my prints.

Mono prints and Drawings

I was drawn towards experimenting with mono print from the image above, which was a print that was formed on the paper under the fabric that I was screen printing on to. I loved the vintage, old looking grainy quality of it and tried to achieve similar results through using my fingers and pen to make marks from photocopies of my paintings using printing ink.
I also explored drawing in a more graphic style through tracing photocopies, then working line and blocks of shading in to them.

Inspirational Imagery

Here is some of the pieces that I took influence from for my final major project. These included traditional 17th-18th Century textiles and botanical illustration imagery. I wanted to portray a similar traditional, hand rendered feel with the florals, while trying to update them and give a more innovative, modern feel suited for a contemporary audience.


Watercolour paintings of florals found on old/found fabrics and re-produced from traditional botanical illustration imagery. The watercolour, painterly style was to form the basis for my project and it was my aim to portray my individual hand painted style throughout. I love to use watercolours as they allow me to capture subtle, delicate qualities of florals.